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How much do you charge for tattoos?

My minimum is $150 and I am $150 an hour. The final price will depend on the final size and detail of your piece.

What is the process for making an appointment?

To make an appointment we must first discuss your idea, as a starting point it would be best to fill out the appointment request form. Ideally, you will be able to provide reference to serve as a starting point for your design vision, but I'm here to assist you in designing your tattoo, and I offer free complimentary consultations upon request!

Next,  I require a non-refundable deposit ($150), which can be paid in person or online. The non-refundable deposit covers the drawing, holds your appointment and is deducted (from the final session) from the total price of the tattoo. At that point we can schedule an appointment for you.

How do I prepare for my appointment?
  • At least a month before, it is good to keep up on exfoliating and moisturizing the area that will be tattooed to prep the skin

  • Hydrate!  Drink your water as your appointment approaches!

  • SLEEP!  It is very important to get a good night of sleep before your tattoo appointment.

  • Please refrain from drinking alcohol the night before your session.  Alcohol thins the blood, and you run the risk of having to end a session early.

  • Be sure to have a proper meal at least an hour before your tattoo - getting tattooed on an empty stomach not only makes it more difficult on your body, but also could lead to faint, nausea, or lightheadedness.

  • Wear comfortable clothes - you may be sitting for a few hours, so please, make sure you're cozy!  Please refrain from wearing anything you do not want ruin - sometimes ink can stain clothing.

Can I bring a guest to my appointment?

Yes!  My space is not huge, so please, no more than 1 additional person.  Please make sure it is someone supportive and respectful

Can I see the design before the appointment?

I do not send out designs, if you would like to see your design before your appointment we can schedule a day for you to come into the studio and check it prior to your tattoo. Your design will be available for you to see and check before we start the tattoo, if you need any minor changes made that can be done on the day of.

Can I change my idea/design after booking?

Yes - as long as it is at least a week before your appointment AND is in the parameters of my art style.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule my appointment?

All deposit’s placed for tattoos are NON-REFUNDABLE. If you decide to cancel your appointment entirely, the deposit will be forfeited and will no longer be applied toward the tattoo. Your deposit will also be forfeited in a no-call, no-show situation, and will no longer be applied toward the tattoo. Please email or call at least 48 hours before your appointment time and we will happily reschedule you. In the event you need to cancel due to work, travel, sickness etc., with the proper notice, you are welcome to keep your deposit on file for up to six months from when you first placed the deposit until you are ready to book in again. After six months of inactivity the deposit will be forfeited.


Deposits are Non-Transferable.

What is your touch up policy?

You have a year per tattoo for a free touch up.  Standard rates may apply after the year is up.

Where are you located?

I am tattooing at Sapphire Studios Naperville. Located at 

4s100 Illinois Rte 59 #11, Naperville, IL 60563


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